About Us

boy with waterOur Mission

Smiths Water & Sewer Authority is an organization of dedicated professionals who are united in one goal: to continuously provide an efficient, cost effective supply of clean, safe drinking water to the residents of Smiths Station and surrounding Lee County communities while being responsive to growth within our community and ensuring the long-term reliability of the system.

For Smiths Water and Sewer Authority, our most important goal is to provide our customers with a clean, safe supply of drinking water. SWSA currently serves over 9,500 water customers and just over 600 sewer customers as our sanitary sewer service area is currently very limited. We intend to continue to expand the sewer service area as budgetary considerations and the procurement of easements allow.

Smiths Water and Sewer Authority is a member in good standing of The American Water Works Association and The Alabama Rural Water Association.

We are proud to have been selected as the best operated water treatment facility and the best operated distribution system in the state of Alabama for three consecutive years by the Alabama Water and Pollution Control Association.